Sunday, 13 March 2016

I have been learning to use strategies to solve addition problems to 10. Here is one of the strategies I have learnt.

I have been learning to make my story more interesting for my readers. I used different words for 'ran' and more describing words.

The Rippa Rugby Tournament.
On Tuesday the year 4 and year 3 kids went to a
Rippa Rugby Tournament. We set up the gazebo.
The game started I sprinted down the field as fast as a train and I scored a try.
I felt fantastic and then we had to go back 5m and when the ref said Go we could start the game again.
It was the other team’s ball.
I galloped down the field to rip a tag. Once 6 tags
got ripped we had to go back 5m.
After that we had lunch and we had to wait for a long time.
Then we started another game and it was our ball. We had another cool game. I scored a try and I had 4 rips. I felt amazing.

The tournament was wonderful.