Sunday, 10 December 2017

This is my year at Tuatoro school docs

This year at Tautoro school I have experienced stuff that I have never
learned before such as dot plot. I didn’t understand that or what it meant
but it was all to do with math so that’s just one thing. I do love maths and
writing and reading but I also know how to be successful. I have to achieve
my goals.
I would like to thank Mrs Paraha for teaching me and putting up with me in
my learning journey. I know she is one of the best teachers here at Tautoro
School. She has done her best to teach  me how to be  positive in my learning
and to never give up. At times I think that doing all this work has been too much
but then I know it's going to help me and so I do have to try.
Try hard to listen try harder to complete my work and also my
homework Even if things are hard like Mrs Paraha says Never give up.

This year I was put  into room 4 with the tuakana and to be
honest It was because I made some bad choices, and so now
I have to try and make things right. It's all about our waka hoe. Which
 one was I using? I don't know.  I know I have to pick up the right  hoe
and row my waka in a the right way because I know I am the only one
that can do this.

Last but not least thank you Miss Simeon for reminding

me to pick up the waka hoe and for showing me that tikanga is important.