Thursday, 29 November 2018

Code - Dance Party


  1. WOW Joseph! I LOVE this! What an incredible example of coding. My favourite thing is that you have actually added your video of you dancing! What a great idea. It would be really good if you could write a reflection of your coding. Was it an hour of code activity? Is it Tynkerkad that you used?

  2. Kia ora Joseph,

    Georgia here from The Summer Learning Journey. Tania shared with me your AMAZING dance party coding and video, I am so impressed. I especially liked that you made a video of yourself doing the same dance, what a creative idea. What was your favourite part about this activity and how long did it take you? It looks like a lot of hard work to me.

    I really hope you will register and participate in the Summer Learning Journey programme. I'd love to see more awesome blog posts from you and you could even use coding to complete some of the activities if you like! You can register at

    See you soon, Georgia.